Replica of Fanny Brawne's Engagement Ring

In the winter of 1818, John Keats presented a ring to Fanny Brawne, his love and muse for the most productive years of his writing career. She would be the source of inspiration for many poems, including the famous Bright Star, his last and among his most well-loved sonnets.

Hand-crafted by local Roman craftsman, Walter Dell'Erba, this sterling silver replica set with a lab ruby is an elegant reproduction of that which Fanny would wear in memory of Keats throughout her life. 

Price: € 120.00


Keats Flower Pendant

“I shall soon be laid in the quiet grave -- thank God for the quiet grave -- O! I can feel the cold earth upon me -- the daisies growing over me -- O for this quiet -- it will be my first."

Hand-crafted by Roman artisan Walter Dell'Erba, these elegant silver pendants with Cabouchon ruby cores are inspired by the flower and daisy motifs painted on to the ceilings of the apartment in which John Keats and Joseph Severn lodged while in Rome.

The sale of each of these chain and pendants will go towards the forthcoming restoration of our building's historic ceilings, following the recently completed restoration of the Severn Room floor and other building projects.

Price: € 120.00

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