John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley: Essential Poems

Edited and Introduced by 
Duncan Wu, with a Preface by 
Julian Sands 

This 190-page handsome paperback has been edited by Duncan Wu, Raymond Wagner Professor of Literary Studies at Georgetown University and a long-standing Trustee of the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association. The edition includes some of the most beautiful poems ever written in the English language, along with illuminating new introductions to both poets provided by the editor. It also features a preface by celebrated English actor Julian Sands, who played P. B. Shelley in Ken Russell's classic film 

All proceeds of this special book will go to the Keats-Shelley House in Rome, which receives no official funding from either Britain or Italy. The book will be available exclusively from our gift shop in Rome, or from our online gift shop (see below).

Friends of the
Keats-Shelley Memorial Association get a 30% discount on the full price of the
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Price: € 10.00


KEATS, BORGES AND THE NIGHTINGALE: A celebration of the Borges manuscript at the Keats-Shelley House with an essay by Jason Wilson

This publication from the Keats-Shelley House Press is a fascinating glimpse into the process by which Argentinian poet and writer Jorge Luis Borges developed his essay "The Nightingale of Keats". 

The 66-page book contains a high-quality facsimile of the manuscript with transcription, Borges' essay, and an essay by Borges scholar Jason Wilson, Professor Emeritus at University College London; both essays are presented in both English and Italian.

Friends of the
Keats-Shelley Memorial Association get a 30% discount on the full price of the
Anthology. Please write to for more information

Price: € 15.00


Illustrating Keats: Images from the Poetry

The Illustrating Keats exhibition catalogue contains the 22 full-colour reproductions of the images featured in the exhibition along with 10 exclusive images of alternate pages of the books. Accompanying texts by museum curator Giuseppe Albano and artist Nancy Watkins explore the relationship between Keats's textual art and the visual art it has inspired.

55 pp. 25x35cm


Keats-Shelley House Press

Friends of the Keats-Shelley
Memorial Association get a 30% discount on the full price of the Anthology. Please write to for more information

Price: € 15.00


Immortal Bird

"Nothing could be more characteristic of the Romantics
than their ability to see the world afresh. And this is nowhere more clearly
seen than in this selection of poems commemorating a small, little-seen bird,
which has an important place in mythology and literature: the
nightingale."  (from the introduction
by Duncan Wu)

This travel-sized collection of 22 poems chronicles the
conversation between the Romantic poets and the tiny bird which, for them,
spoke with the very voice of nature itself.

52 pp.

Price: € 8.50


The Happy Fireside

Just in time for autumn and winter firesides and teacups, the latest exclusive publication from the Keats-Shelley House Press is the perfect gift for any animal lover to curl up with.  

The Happy Fireside assembles poetry about dogs and cats by poets of the Romantic period including Keats, Byron, Coleridge and Wordsworth, and also features the essay Keats and Cats by renowned Keats biographer, Robert Gittings. 

With 27 poems about these domestic companions selected and introduced by Duncan Wu, this unique collection brings the Romantic mind hearth-side in a intimate and cozy read.

80 pp.

Price: € 8.50


The Happy Fireside & Immortal Bird set

The pair of these Keats-Shelley House Press exclusives are the perfect gift for animal lovers, poetry lovers, or simply anyone wishing to lose themselves in the Romantic rapture of the homely. The Happy Fireside is a testament to the relationship between the Romantic poet and dogs and cats, while Immortal Bird brings together Romantic poems inspired by nightingales.

When purchased together, these complimentary collections are offered at a special set price.

Price: € 15.50


Keats and Italy - A History of the Keats-Shelley House in Rome

This publication, spanning the better part of 300 years, is a book on the history of Keats in Italy and the Museum that commemorates his life.
It includes an account of the founding of the Museum, an essay on the architectural history of the building and one about the influence of Italy on Keats, as well as a comprehensive record of the collection itself.

Price: € 10.00


La vita di John Keats

An Italian translation of a text by Stephen Hebron with colour illustrations.

Price: € 12.00


The Keats-Shelley House; A Guide

This booklet provides a room by room description of the permanent collection of the Keats-Shelley House, Rome. Complete with images of selected items in the collection and suggested further reading.

Price: € 4.00


'Spellbound by Rome' Catalogue

An 150 page illustrated catalogue to accompany the exhibition 'Spellbound by Rome, the Anglo-American community in Rome (1890-1914) and the founding of the Keats-Shelley House'.
Includes 8 essays and the catalogue of works on display. In English and Italian

Price: € 18.30


Romantic Poets and their Circle

An illustrated hard-back edition which explores, through their potraits, the lives of the Romantic poets in the early 19th century.
By Richard Holmes

Price: € 15.30


Keats (Everyman pocket edition)

An Everyman hard-back selection of some of Keats's most famous poems

Price: € 16.00

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