June 9, 2017

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up in the twenty-sixth annual Keats-Shelley House Poetry Prize, and special thanks to this year’s guest judge Ginger Zaimis, who flew all the way from Athens to join us for the ceremony at the House on 06 June 2017.

The winners will have their poems published in a July issue of Wanted in Rome, but in the meantime the names of the winners may be found below and all the successful works may be read here.

Keats-Shelley Poetry Competition 2017

Poetry Judge: Ginger F. Zaimis



AGE 5-9

Winner: ‘The Sky’

Author: Flavia Bile

Age: 9                                     

School: St. Francis International School

Teacher: Ciara Mulhair


Specially Commended: ‘To a Friend’

Author: Salvatore Tumino

Age: 8

School: Castelli International School

Teacher: Mrs. Isabella

AGE 10-13

Winner: ‘Beginning’

Author: Smilla Petkovic

Age: 13

School: Ambrit International School

Teacher: Mr Robert Gilbody


Specially Commended: ‘Beauty’

Author: Flaminia Toninato

Age: 12

School: I.C. Via Volsinio

Teacher: Elena Bellucci


AGE 14-18

Winner: ‘Mud’ (after Wilfred Owen)

Author: Cristina Rizzo

Age: 15

School: St Stephen’s School

Teacher: Moira Egan


Specially Commended: ‘Dangerously Imitating’

Author: Somaia Mohamed

Age: 16

School: Liceo Scientifico Tullio Levi Civita

Teacher: Prof.essa Barbara Cadeddu






Winner: ‘Un inizio incerto’

Author: Asia Frignola

Age: 13

School: I.C. Falcone e Borsellino

Teacher: Maddalena Della Volpe

Specially Commended: ‘Metamorfosi’

Author: Nicole Bellucci

Age: 11

School: I.C. Via Volsinio

Teacher: Luca Boccaforno



Winner: ‘Vecchia Signora’

Author: Daniele Ridolfo

Age: 18

School: Liceo Scientifico Tullio Levi Civita

Teacher: Valeria Pensa


Specially Commended: ‘Stampante’

Author: Francesca Colella

Age: 17

School: IIS Martino Filetico

Teacher: Ermelinda Andrelli

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