Special educational workshops inspired by the summer/autumn temporary exhibition at the Keats-Shelley House

10 Sep from 10:30 to 12:00

LORD BYRON IN THE HAND OF MARY SHELLEY - Two special educational workshops inspired by the summer/autumn temporary exhibition at the Keats-Shelley House. 

The workshops are open to all students aged 12 or over, as well as adults. Please specify your age when booking. 

The workshops will be taught in English, though we may be able to schedule workshops in Italian too by special request. 

To book your place on one of the workshops please contact us indicating your preferred workshop (A or B) and a first and second choice of dates. 


The Cult of Byron: Image and Reality 
This workshop draws on the various representations we have of Byron, the stories that surround them, and some selected poems that capture and perpetuate his image. Byron will be examined through his self-cultivation of a novel kind of cultural celebrity which is now very much part of our daily lives and which still influences the way we perceive genius, youth, transgression and heroism. The workshop will involve a slightly postmodern take on the cult of the Romantics, inspiring participants to create new poetry out of Byron's own life and work but also bringing them face to face with their own preconceptions about celebrity today.

Dates of Workshop A 

Thursday July 9th at 10.30 
Thursday August 6th at 10.30 
Thursday September 10th at 10.30


Byron, Mary Shelley and Early Nineteenth-Century Feminism

This workshop will begin to examine the relationship between Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, two of the most interesting figures in the Romantic movement. It will be based on items displayed during the exhibition and will allow participants to have special access to facsimiles of items on display. The session will include close readings of letters and literary manuscripts from the collection of the Keats-Shelley House as well as from the National Library of Scotland.  The aim will be to consider the creative process involved in Mary Shelley's copying out of Byron's manuscripts, and by extension the relationship between them and the wider role of women in the Romantic period. 

Dates of Workshop B 

Tuesday 7th July at 10.30

Tuesday 21st July at 10.30

Tuesday 4th August at 10.30

Open to all age groups and advance booking required. 

Price €12 or €10 (for students under 18 or over 65) for 1.5 hour workshop. Price includes visit to the museum and exhibition itself. 

ARTandSEEK has been founded to offer educational programs for children and adults in English. We believe that art is not only about art: our kids can develop critical thinking, language skills, interpersonal communication and have fun  at the same time just by learning to LOOK and TALK about what they SEE in a museum. Our programs are not only about taking a tour through a museum, they are mainly about communicating our thoughts using art as a tool. We also focus on practical art workshops inspired by the themes we explore with each program, helping children and adults to experience different activities and to be part of a lively discussion facilitated by inquiry open-ended questions.


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€10 or €12




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