Sari Gilbert: My Home Sweet Rome - A talk at the Keats-Shelley House, Thursday 12 November 2015 at 16.00

12 Nov from 16:00 to 17:00

Sari Gilbert: My Home Sweet Rome - A talk at the Keats-Shelley House, Thursday 12 November 2015 at 16.00

Rome-based American journalist Sari Gilbert will talk about her many years of living in the Eternal City, which have inspired her recent book My Home Sweet Rome (Perigord Press)Sari will give us an unveiled view of her beloved adopted country’s politics, its bureaucracy, its contradictory social customs, everyday concerns, and gastronomical habits. 

Sari Gilbert first came to Rome in the 1960s on a junior year program and then returned several times to complete graduate work, including a doctorate thesis on Italian foreign policy. In the 1970s, settling full time in Italy, she started writing about Italy for US and Canadian newspapers and magazines, concluding that journalism was more to her liking than research or a university career. She became the correspondent for Newsweek and the Washington Post, covering Italian politics – we were then in the throes of the Cold War and Italy was home to the largest Communist Party in the West – the Vatican (in 1978 an unprecedented assassination attempt was made against Pope John Paul II), the Mafia and less stressful topics such as tourism and travel, food and fashion. In 1991, Gilbert was hired by an Italian newspaper and worked as an Italian journalist until the end of 2007. Since then she has worked as an editor and translator and has several Italy-related websites. She is the lead-writer and co-author of the National Geographic Rome Traveler and in 2014 she published “My Home Sweet Rome: Living and Loving in the Eternal City”. She is currently working on a tongue-in-cheek Italy travel guide and on a Rome-based mystery.

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