In Search of Mary Shelley: the girl who wrote Frankenstein - a talk by Fiona Sampson at the Keats-Shelley House 31 October 2018 6:30 pm

31 Oct from 18:30 to 19:30

Mary Shelley and the Romantic Self

Mary Shelley shared the Romantic era’s fascination with what makes a human self: from galvanism and chemistry to education, political or emotional agency and emotion. In this illustrated talk Fiona Sampson, author of the critically acclaimed biography In Search of Mary Shelley, explores Romantic ideas of selfhood, of modernity and of biography through the prism of Shelley’s own life and work. She reveals how these helped the teenaged author create her novel Frankenstein, and its archetypes which still resonate for us today. 

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Professor Fiona Sampson is a prize-winning poet and writer. She has been published in more than thirty languages and received an MBE for services to literature. A Fellow of the Royal Society for Literature and the recipient of a number of national and international honours for her poetry, she has worked as a violinist, in health care, and as an editor, and is now Professor of Poetry at the University of Roehampton. 

Review quotes:

'If we get another literary biography in 2018 as astute and feelingful as this one, we shall be lucky.' (John Carey Sunday Times)

'Sampson is as adept as Frankenstein himself, giving life to a figure who convincingly aches and bleeds ... the landscapes and interiors within which Sampson's subject moves are as crisply rendered as Frankenstein's own plane of Arctic ice.' (Guardian)

'Fiona Sampson is a sleuth of a biographer ... rarely has my jaw dropped on so many occasions while reading a biography.' (Daily Mail)

'Gripping ... Sampson has written a fascinating book.' (The Times)

'A daringly swift and enjoyably irreverent retelling of Shelley's life.' (Observer)

'Astonishing scenes are laid before the reader in the manner of vivid tableaux ... fascinating and ambitious.' (Irish Times)

'[Gives] very real and valuable and sharp insights into the creative process of a work of genius.' (Herald)

'It is a passionate demonstration of the elements that have kept her story vibrant for 200 years. It is moving, it is alive, it is a success.' (Elaine Showalter Spectator 2018-01-19)

'A fresh, clever and intuitive account of the mind from which Frankenstein emerged.' (Irish Times)

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